Our School Structure

 September 2021
Pre-School Ms Smyth Parker, Mrs Ibbertson, Mrs Housego
Reception Mrs Perry and Mrs Thompson
Year 1/2 Miss Stone
Year 1/2 Mrs Wilkins
Year 1/2 Mrs Carminati
Support Staff Mrs Smith, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Kilby and Mrs Scott
Year 3/4         Mr Jones
Year 3/4           Mrs Byrne and Mrs Sumner
Year 5/6 Mrs Gentle
Year 5/6 Mrs McKay
Year 5/6 Mr Austen
Support Staff                                                                                                     Mrs Yeomans, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Eldridge, Mrs Howard, Mrs O'Hare, Mrs Flinders
Unit Leader: Mrs Ali Wilkinson
School Business Manager Mrs Ali Wheaton
Office Assistants Mrs Ali Johnson/Mrs R Reynolds
Clerk to the Governors Mrs Jennifer Dover
Site Manager