Supporting Your Child: Home and School Working Together

We’re keen to work as closely as possible with you all the way through your child’s time at primary school, and perhaps Reception is the most important time to get this right.  There is usually a chance to have a quick word with one of the Reception team when you drop you child off in the morning, or collect them in the evening. For a longer discussion please make an appointment through the office. On a Friday after school, you are welcome to have a look through your child’s Learning Journey file .

Learning happens at school and at home. We want to hear about some of the learning that happens at home. This might be a ‘wow moment’ when your child does something really special at home, such as riding a bike without stabilizers, swimming without armbands, writing their name, reading signs on the street etc. Equally, it might be other learning moments, such as your child re-telling a story they heard at school, choosing to count steps, recognizing bus numbers or your child writing a shopping list. Please tell us about these learning moments on your leaves (given out at  the home visit time and in homework folders). As well as a great way to celebrate your child’s development, knowing about the learning, which is going on at home, will mean staff can make sure they encourage your child to practise or apply the skills they have shown.

Sharing information about what your child enjoys and is interested in is important. The Reception team take on board the interests of the class and plan future topics around them. Using our Talking Together document can be a good way to share information. It can also be a good prompt for valuable talk at home and at school – a fundamental aspect of learning

Don’t forget to come to our ‘Relax and Read’ sessions, happening once a month from January lasting around half an hour at the end of the day on a Thursday . They’re a great way to share a story. Occasionally during the year, you’ll be invited to a session to observe phonics being taught – do come along to get ideas about how to support your child in this important aspect of reading and writing.

See the Reception section for how we work with you to secure a positive start to your child’s primary school years.